Gyan Bharati School, Saket, New Delhi, SAKET



Gyan Bharati School
A progressive co-educational Institution of GYAN BHARTI TRUST
based on Indian thought, culture and tradition.

Dedicated to the nation by the Gyan Bharti Trust, Delhi, the school came into being in September 1980.


The aim of Gyan Bharti School is to impart integrated and comprehensive education which is formative and not merely informative.

It lays emphasis on full growth of students' character and personality which should normally lead them to self-fulfillment and dedicated service to Society.

It endeavours to guide and shape natural talent so that the student is able to:

  • absorb and live by the permanent values of life as enunciated by ancient and modern thinkers and rooted in India's spiritual heritage, culture and tradition,
  • to develop a scientific outlook and an attitude of learning throughout life,
  • to keep abreast of time without giving to unreasoned temptation to copy and change, for saking the proven values of life.
LOCATION : Saket, New Delhi-110017
SCHOOL CAMPUS : 7.29 acres.
FACULTY : More than 80 teaching, non - teaching and administrative staff
ACCREDITATION : Permanently recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi.
AFFILIATION : Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre Preet Vihar, Delhi - 110 092. Affiliation No. 2730094.
ACADEMIC YEAR : April to March
CAMPUS ATMOSPHERE : Scholarly, Congenial, Friendly and Cheerful.
CLASS SCHEDULES : 8.00 A. M. to 2.00 P. M. (For Nursery S KG. 8.00 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.)
CURRICULUM : The school prepares students for All India Secondary (Class X), and All India Senior School Certificate {Class XII) Examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education


NURSERY & K.G. : Development Curriculum covering all aspects of development, viz, physical, socio-emotional language and cognitive.
I, II, III : Development curriculum with thematic integrated approach to learning covering English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Studies, Art Education, Physical and Health Education, Sensory Training, Yoga, Dance, Music, Computer Education (III).
IV,V : English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Studies, Sanskrit, Art Education, Physical and Health Education, Yoga, Dance, Music, Craft and Computer Education.
VI-VIII : English, Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Art Education, Physical and Health Education, Yoga, Dance, Music, Craft(S.U.P.W.)
IX and X : English, Course "A" Hindi Course "B", or, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Experience (Computer Science), Art Education, Physical and Health Education.
XI and XII : I English (Core)
II Hindi OR Sanskrit:
NOTE: A candidate has the freedom to offer in lieu of second language any one of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Mathematics,. Computer Science, Business Studies, Economics.
: III to V : Three Electives out of the following:- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics Practice, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Accountancy, Psychology, Introductory Computer Science, Physical Education, Psychology.
IV. General Studies,
VI. Work Experience
VII. Physical and Health Education.
NOTE: A particular combination of subjects will be permitted only if it is opted by an adequate number of students and if provision for the same exists in the school Time Table.
ACTIVITIES : Arts, Crafts, Clay Modelling, Electronics, Batik, Painting, Tie and Dye, Textile Designing, Food preparation, Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Dance, Ballet, Dramatics, Debating, Quizzing, Clubs, Houses, Etc.
For identifying and fostering talent, students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. Standards are pre-determined and students encouraged to achieve excellence.
GAMES & SPORTS : Athletics, Foot-ball, Cricket, Basket Ball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Kho - Kho, . Kabbadi,Yoga, P. T. and Trekking. Coaching camps are a regular feature and participation of selected students is compulsory.


I-III : Profiling of each child covering different development, and skills/competencies in different subject areas for classes l-lll.
IV-VIII : Continous Comprehensive Evalution, No formal examination upto class VIII.
IX-XII : Four Unit Tests and Two Terminal Exams.
Progress Report : Parenting & P.T. Ms are held on regular intervals to know the progress of the child.
NOTE: A student who is unable to show consistent progress at studies and make the grade, obviously needs a change of school environment. In view of this in his/her own interests, he/she would be asked to seek admission elsewhere.
PROGRESS REPORT : Terminal and Annual.
ENTERTAINMENT : Educational and recreational films, tours, trips, visit, picnics, excursion, treks, etc.
BOOKS & STATIONERY : Available from the School Bookshop.
UNIFORM : All the students (excepting Nursery and K. G. Students) are expected to wear winter and summer uniforms as prescribed by the school. Children of Nursery and K. G. are allowed to attened school in civil dress.
MEDICAL FACILITIES : Sick-bays looked after by a medical nurse, periodic health check up.
CONVEYANCE : School Buses available on selected routes in South Delhi and New Delhi only.
MODE OF PAYMENT OF FEE OTHER DUES : By crossed cheque in favour of GYAN BHARTI SCHOOL-realized Termwise.

Salient Features

  • a. Full freeship, half freeship and stipends to meritorious students of classes XI and XII.
  • b. Stipend to top students, Subject-wise and class-wise from class IV onwards.
  • c. Full freeship in Tuition fee to children of economically weaker sections of society.


Registration forms for Nursery & K.G. Classes only (Available from the school office between 9 A. M. and 1 P. M. on stipulated dates.)
(Registration for other classes as notified from time to time will depend upon the availability of seats falling vacant)


Age of admission to Nursery 3 years and 6 months and to K. G. 4 Years and 6 months as on 1st April of the year of admission.


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