Florence Apartment, Jammu, Jammu



“Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound.”

Florence Heights is the name of the beautiful dream resting in your eyes. Florence Heights is the name of the fairy tale dream house hidden in your daughter's drawing book. Florence Heights is the name of the secret desire peeping every time from corner of your heart. Time has come to live your dreamland see it shaping up against beautiful landscape of Jammu. First of its kind ever, Florence Heights will sweep in a wave of new dimensional, state -of -art modern living against the natural paradise Jammu. For the first time Jammu will see world class modern state of art living embraced by every possible modern amenity under the sun. Contemporary modern art living reclining against armchair of nature finds meaning in Florence Height.

Its located against serene lap of Channi Himmat, in Jammu (just 5 km away from railway station) over sprawling site area of 1.40 acres. Resting against soothe of nature, and equipped with modern state of art living it promises peace of mind and and aesthetic, contemporary living. It is proposed to house state of the art HIG (three bedroom units with servant/study) and MIG (two bedroom units) around delightfully landscaped nature.

Floor Plan


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