Covering of Palam Drain Project, Delhi, Dwarka



Palam Drain Project, New Delhi

Among various residential areas developed by DDA, Dwarka happens to be one of the largest and the most recent. As a part of development works of the prime sub city, this project involved construction of roadwork over the Palam drain. This consists of covering of an existing Nallah from Rd. 6184 to Rd 3841(Total length 2,343 Meters) by constructing 5 ducts of 4 meter span and developing the right of way upto a total width of 45 meters. This project is now completed and the same is being used as one of the major entries to the Dwarka sub city (from Pankha road side to Madhu Vihar), thus majorly improving the communication and hygienic conditions of the area.

Scope of Work:

  • Construction of concrete lined drain of 2.34 Kms.
  • Construction of 45 Mtrs. wide road above the drain

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