Business Verticals

Business Verticals

Real Estate Promotion & Development

Ansal Buildwell Ltd.: Pioneering Innovation in Real Estate

Ansal Buildwell Ltd. stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation. We continually strive to enhance our management skills, processes, and technologies, ensuring our position as a leader in the markets we serve. Our journey began in real estate development and has expanded into high-value construction areas, solidifying our expertise and reach.

Today, our portfolio boasts remarkable landmarks, including housing complexes, shops, commercial complexes, and shopping malls. These iconic structures can be found not only within our own townships but also in cities across the country. Notably, our contributions have transformed Lutyen's Connaught Place into an enviable commercial business district, a testament to our prowess in real estate development and construction.

Furthermore, we have developed integrated townships in various locations, providing homes to people all across India. Sushant Lok II and III in Gurugram, Ansal Krsna – I & II and Ansal Forte in Bangalore, Ansal City and Ansal's Riverdale in Kochi, Ansal City in Amritsar, Ansal's Green Valley in Dehradun, and Prakash Enclave in Moradabad represent our commitment to creating exceptional living spaces.

As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, Ansal Buildwell Ltd. remains dedicated to crafting remarkable developments that shape the future of communities across India.

Hi-Technology Projects & Construction Contracts

Ansal Buildwell Ltd.: Building a Strong Nation

Ansal Buildwell Ltd. firmly believes in contributing to the development and progress of our nation. We take great pride in our significant contributions to a wide range of projects, playing a vital role in nation building.

We have a sterling track record in executing complex civil engineering projects. In the field of hi-technology civil construction, we have made a successful foray into the diversified field of irrigation, thermal and construction of expressways, viaducts for railways, power houses, tunnels, harbors and other civil engineering projects that demand a high degree of skill and expertise.

Our portfolio encompasses diverse projects of national importance, showcasing our expertise in various sectors. From the development of dams, canals, and viaducts to critical hi-technology construction projects, we have left an indelible mark on the infrastructure landscape.

Notable among our achievements are the Baner Hydel Project, which harnesses the power of water to generate clean and sustainable energy. Additionally, our participation in the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd. project stands as a testament to our expertise in constructing one of Asia's largest cement concrete-lined canals, utilizing the latest hi-tech paving technologies.

We are proud to have contributed to the Thoubal multipurpose project in Manipur, which brings light to millions of homes and enables vast land irrigation, thereby positively impacting communities. Furthermore, our involvement in the construction of a viaduct on the Jammu-Udhampur rail link showcases our commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure.

Ansal Buildwell Ltd. remains dedicated to creating a strong and prosperous nation through our impactful projects and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Design, Engineering & Consultancy

Achieving Excellence through Design, Engineering, and Consultancy

Over the years, Ansal Buildwell Ltd. has continuously strived for self-sufficiency and excellence in the domains of Design, Engineering, and Consultancy. We are proud to house some of the industry's finest architects, engineers, and planners within our esteemed consultancy division.

With a long-standing reputation for creativity and innovative design, coupled with expertise in art, architecture, and town planning, our professionals have played a pivotal role in providing consultancy and management services to diverse projects across India and overseas.

We understand the importance of external expertise in specialized developmental areas such as hotels and plazas. Hence, we collaborate with renowned specialists to ensure optimal outcomes. Our team of architects and designers has worked on prestigious projects, including the design of the VVIP Block for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the expansion of the Administrative Block of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), and the construction of the Secretariat Building for the Assam Government.

At Ansal Buildwell Ltd., we are committed to delivering exceptional results through a combination of in-house talent and external expertise. We blend creativity, technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs to bring visionary projects to life.

Join us as we continue to set new benchmarks in design, engineering, and consultancy, contributing to the growth and development of remarkable structures that leave a lasting impact.

Hospitality Division

Ansal Buildwell Ltd.: Visionary Real Estate Development and Beyond

At Ansal Buildwell Ltd., our vision stretches far beyond conventional boundaries. We aspire to be the most versatile and diversified entity in the real estate development and construction industry. Guided by our foresight, we constantly explore new business avenues and vistas, expanding our horizons to meet evolving market demands.

With the induction of qualified professionals, we are actively engaged in forward integration, venturing into new areas such as the hospitality business. This strategic move allows us to leverage our expertise and create exceptional experiences for our customers across various sectors.

One of our notable developments is Club Florence, located in Sushant Lok- II, Gurgaon. Spanning across 2.14 acres of land, Club Florence epitomizes contemporary architecture and boasts breathtaking landscaping, as evident in its curtain glazing facade. The club is designed as a hub of social and cultural activities, offering versatile spaces such as Banquet Halls, Party Lawns, Party Terraces, Pool Side, and Resto-Bar. These areas provide an ideal platform for both outdoor and indoor gatherings, ensuring memorable experiences for our patrons.

As we continue to embrace innovation and diversification, Ansal Buildwell Ltd. remains committed to delivering excellence in all our endeavors. We are driven by our passion to create iconic spaces that enrich lives and reflect our commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Overseas Operations

Ansal Buildwell Ltd. has made its presence in the real estate development markets overseas. We had successfully entered the real estate market of Katmandu through a Joint- Venture and sold a residential project named `Katmandu Residency’. Over the years we have had trade offices of our pioneer company in Moscow, Russia; Dubai, UAE; Bangkok, Thailand and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Facilities Management

We focus on providing excellent services and establishing personalized relationships with our valued clients through M/s Rigoss Estate Networks Pvt. Ltd (RENPL), a maintenance and facilities provider company of the group.

Since its inception in 1999, RENPL has been committed to delivering outstanding services while upholding professional integrity at all times. It fosters a caring and cohesive environment, creating a dynamic workplace that embraces continuous learning. They set the highest quality benchmarks and ensure strict implementation through a series of checks and counterchecks.

Each member of the staff undergoes specialized training in hospitality and asset management, enabling them to deliver on their commitments with technical competence.

RENPL follows established work procedures and continuously monitors performance indicators for all facility operations. By utilizing specialized equipment and tools, they achieve and maintain the highest standards promptly.

RENPL takes pride in providing facilities management services for various projects, including multi-storied commercial towers in Sushant Lok - II, the Sushant Lok - II and Sushant Lok - II Extension townships, Sushant Lok - III, encompassing over 500 acres of the township, and a tower in Ghaziabad.

RENPL has also played a pivotal role in creating awareness of facility management in Kathmandu, Nepal, by establishing the first-ever Resident Welfare Association for the joint venture housing project, "Kathmandu Residency," undertaken by ABL.

RENPL is dedicated to exceeding expectations and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of their clients through their comprehensive facilities management services.